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Val King | Whitehat IT Services

Gerry Kendall | Consultant Principal of TOC International

Ryan Stone | SmartSky Networks

Enterprise Project Portfolio Management EPPM

Enterprise PPM solution for complex Multi-Project environments

Niagra Bottling applies Exepron PPM to improve R&D

Exepron: a Powerful PPM Solution

Mike Dalton

Beyond Critical Chain - Gerry Kendall


Neogrid-Mayara Araujo

Douglas MacKinnon

Andrew Kay

Danilo Silias

Erlanger Children’s Hospital NICU | Don Mueller, CEO, FACHE
Unit Net Income Increased by 8%
NICU avoided capital expansion of $2.8Million

Alejandro Airplan

Helisota: Helicopter MRO
Reduced MRO 'Turn-Around-Time' (TAT) by 40% within 6 months and rescued this helicopter MRO. Gedi Balodas.

Technology Integration Partners (TIP)
Exepron as the Core of your small business. Damon Whitlow, Technology Integration Partners.

Helion Technologies
Helion Technologies case study: 40% Increase in IT integration Throughput in 4 months. Gerry Kendall, TOC International.

Alejandro Azulk

Achieves 91% On-Time Delivery from zero % in prior year. Piloting CCPM in Mixed Mode New Product Engineering.  Mario Martinez, Portfolio Manager, Danfoss Industries.

Alejandro Plasticaucho

Erlanger Children's Hospital schedules the NICU.
Erlanger applies Predictive Resource Management Scheduling with Exepron in the NICU. Other Healthcare providers schedule Cardio and Autism centers. Bill Taylor.

Information Integration System
Exepron integrates with alternative Information Systems. Exepron Critical Chain Advancing New Product Development.  Mike Dalton and Bill Cabiro


BAE: Aerospace MRO, Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overall
BAE Systems Australia TOC3 Case Study - Andrew Kay
9 days to train, install and schedule a years MRO work. First 6 aircraft delivered significantly ahead of schedule.
The United States Marine Corps Story - Implementing Critical Chain Management (CCPM) in a complex Military MRO Environment.
Portfolio Dashboard
Exepron’s Portfolio Dashboard provides an overview of all s in a Portfolio.
Informational Dashboards provide real-time visibility of all the s in a Portfolio and are designed to meet the needs of all levels of Management.
CCPM Schedule
Critical Chain Scheduling: Exepron’s embedded Critical Chain intelligence calculates the longest chain of Task and Resource dependency (the Critical Chain), which includes resolving Resource contention.
Dynamic Drum
The Dynamic Drum synchronizes the release of all s in the Pipeline and schedules the maximum throughput for the entire Portfolio in the organization.
Execution: Critical Chain Schedule
Critical Chain Schedule – Execute and Manage a in real-time.
Hitachi Data Systems

Hitachi Data Systems: Using Critical Chain to Manage Projects & Portfolios - Stewart Witt
Remote Sites, Independent Subcontractors, Complex Equipment Installation, IT Integration. 54% average reduction in installation lead time.

NeoGrid: Supply Chain Management Solutions and Software Systems Integration

NeoGrid Supply Chain IT Integration - Rodrigo Garcia
NeoGrid's solutions synchronize the supply chain of thousands of companies. Exepron reduced Baseline Plan adjustment by 30% and increased billable Time and Material by 25%.

Exepron Management - Linked s
Plasticaucho, La Fabril and Industrial University of Santander:

New Product Development, Construction and Education - Alejandro Fernandez
25million annual shoe producer increases New Product capacity. New factories delivered on-time. Food products developed faster.

TOC sprendimai: High Rise Construction

Exepron and Building Information Modeling (BIM) Combined - Nerius Jasinavicius
Exepron highlighted Critical Tasks to rescue and bring a large 27 story construction in on-time.

Exepron for Manufacturing and Fabrication

TOC sprendimai, Lithuania - Nerius Jasinavicius
Experience applying Exepron to Manufacturing: Easy to Use, provides Work-Flow and Priority Management plus Resource Capacity loading.. and Focus.

Exepron stabilizes complete chaos for multiple operational environments

Exepron Simple, Rapid Implementation and Quick Results in Emerging Markets - Consulting CEO: Gediminas Balodas Implementation in weeks:
Road Construction, Mining, Corporate Finance, Large Capital s (Hydro), Aerospace MRO.

New Product Development: Guided Innovation imbeds Exepron into FastTrack©
Focused product development cycles triples value potential - Mike Dalton
Exepron synchronizes efforts and free’s up capacity - cash flows increase along with new product completions.
Ship Building: Thomas-Sea launches another vessel scheduled on Exepron.
Quality ship-builder based in Louisiana, USA. stays on schedule with Exepron. Support Utility Vessel for the off-shore oil industry launched July 20th, 2015.
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